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CFP: Rhetoric/Composition/Play – Edited Collection

ust found this.  Sounds like it would be a great opportunity for those interested in video gaming and composition. Rhetoric/Composition/Play: How Electronic Games Mediate Composition Theory and Practice (and Vice Versa) Computer and video games continue to inundate the entertainment market, and culture along with it. Traditional text games, adventure games, first-person shooters, the immersive [...]

Digital Tool: Sophie

Sophie is a digital authoring tool that enables authors to develop large projects for publication in digitally rich, networked environments.  It’s already receiving some pretty good reception on the journalism scene, and some academics seem to be warming up to it as well.  This isn’t a website authoring tool; it’s more of a digital book [...]

Brand new book on Wiki Writing!

I just ran across this book on Amazon – edited by Matt Barton and Robert Cummings.  It contains several theoretical and practical pieces on using Wikis in the writing classroom.  I think it looks very promising.  Perhaps I’ll write a review of it, and post a few excerpts here. Wiki Writing