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Twittering Toward Tenure? The Politics of Scholarly Communication in the Digital Age

Today in the Bowen Thompson Student Union at Bowling Green State University, Professor Kristine Blair will deliver her Distinguished Faculty Lecture on the changing nature of academic scholarship in the wake of digital technologies.  She draws on her experience as a department chair and an online journal editor (the one associated with this Blog) she [...]

Digital Tool: Sophie

Sophie is a digital authoring tool that enables authors to develop large projects for publication in digitally rich, networked environments.  It’s already receiving some pretty good reception on the journalism scene, and some academics seem to be warming up to it as well.  This isn’t a website authoring tool; it’s more of a digital book [...]

Summer/Fall 2009 Computers and Composition Online Available

Special guest editors Michael Day, Randall McClure, and Mike Palmquist present the summer/fall issue of Computers and Composition Online – Composition in the Freeware Age: Assessing the Impact and Value of Web 2.0. The texts assembled for this issue simultaneously describe, analyze, and, perhaps most importantly, demonstrate the complex of possibilities and challenges networked writing presents to both the [...]