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What is Composition?

Find out next week when you attend the CCC Webinar featuring Doug Hesse and Cindy Selfe who will be “continuing the conversation” they began in recent CCC articles.  Here is a more detailed description of the event, as described by Kathleen Yancey on the WPA listserve: During the first Extending the CCC Conversation, on March [...]

JUMP: Publication Venue for Undergraduate Multimedia Writing

The JUMP: The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects is an online journal focused solely on publishing multimedia projects produced by undergraduates.  I think this is such a great idea considering ho much work is produced by undergraduates in various writing programs around the country every semester.  A journal like this can not only inspire ideas [...]

Hybrid Books, or “Vooks”

The New York Times is running an interesting story on an emerging hybrid genre in fiction, what they refer to as “Vooks,” or Video Books.  One publisher, Simon & Schuster, is introducing short video clips into electronic novels.  Apparently, the videos mostly add depth to the textual plot points, but in some cases they actually [...]

Andrea Lunsford on New Literacy

Clive Thompson of Wired.com has an article on “New Literacies” in which he cites Andrea Lunsford.  Lunsford has collected a ton of writing samples from students at Stanford between the years of 2001 and 2006, including school assignments, blog postings, chat sessions, and many other formal and informal types of writing.  After looking over her [...]