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Google Books and the Digital Humanities

Inside Higher Ed has an interesting story running today addressing the ways in which people in the humanities are using the ever-increasing storehouse of digital books provided by Google to conduct research projects that would otherwise be nearly impossible.  For example, they mention how one group of folks is write a computer program that will [...]

The Computer Connection @ Cs – Do you know about it?

It’s that time of year again when we all start making plans to propose panels and presentation for next year’s 4Cs conference, and, as such, I thought it would be appropriate to remind everyone about a really valuable yet, I think, under-recognized presentation opportunity at the Cs:  The Computer Connection.  Each year the CCCC Committee [...]

Research/Networking Tool: Mendeley

Mendeley is an iTunes-like tool that allows you to organize your research articles and citations much like you would organize your music and videos in iTunes.  It also provides automated citation generation, file-sharing, and MS Word and Open Office integration.  Best of all, it works in Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.  Oh yeah, and it’s [...]

Teaching Tool: Wix

Wix is a really cool, free, and easy to use tool for creating Adobe Flash based websites.  It’s as easy to use as a Blogger account, and there is no coding of any kind required.  For as easy as it is to use, it is a pretty robust tool that could potentially empower and enable [...]

JUMP: Publication Venue for Undergraduate Multimedia Writing

The JUMP: The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects is an online journal focused solely on publishing multimedia projects produced by undergraduates.  I think this is such a great idea considering ho much work is produced by undergraduates in various writing programs around the country every semester.  A journal like this can not only inspire ideas [...]

Digital Tool: Sophie

Sophie is a digital authoring tool that enables authors to develop large projects for publication in digitally rich, networked environments.  It’s already receiving some pretty good reception on the journalism scene, and some academics seem to be warming up to it as well.  This isn’t a website authoring tool; it’s more of a digital book [...]