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CFP: Rhetoric/Composition/Play – Edited Collection

ust found this.  Sounds like it would be a great opportunity for those interested in video gaming and composition. Rhetoric/Composition/Play: How Electronic Games Mediate Composition Theory and Practice (and Vice Versa) Computer and video games continue to inundate the entertainment market, and culture along with it. Traditional text games, adventure games, first-person shooters, the immersive [...]

Fall 2008: Introduction to Reading Games: Composition, Literacy, and Video Gaming

Guest Editors Richard Colby and Rebekah Schulz Colby of the University of Denver present us with several revealing web texts outlining the intersections of literacy and gaming,  This issue of Computers and Composition Online addresses the role that popular online gaming environments like those provided in World of War Craft or Second LIfe can have [...]