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The Computer Connection @ Cs – Do you know about it?

It’s that time of year again when we all start making plans to propose panels and presentation for next year’s 4Cs conference, and, as such, I thought it would be appropriate to remind everyone about a really valuable yet, I think, under-recognized presentation opportunity at the Cs:  The Computer Connection.  Each year the CCCC Committee on Computers in Composition (7Cs) solicits proposals for presentations on the use of technology in the classroom, scholarship, or just about any other disciplinary pursuit for inclusion in a special cluster of presentations, known as the Computer Connection (CC).

I had the pleasure of presenting in the CC this year in Louisville, and I am happy to say that it was one the best Cs experiences I have had so far.  My panel was well attended, and audience members asked lots of questions.  The moderator actually had to ask us to end Q and A because we ran out over our allotted time.  Here are a few details about how the CC works.  There are only two presenters per panel, each person getting 25 minutes to speak, which leaves lots of time for discussion.  Also, given the technological topics of these presentations, all presenters have access to computer projector equipment, which is not the case for regular Cs presentations.  The CFP deadline is usually well after the official Cs deadline.  In fact, the deadline comes after most people hear whether or not their Cs proposal was accepted or not.  Additionally, the CC is not part of the 1 presentation/1 speaking role rule at Cs, which means that it can be done in addition to any other speaking role you might have.

For budgetary reasons, this under-recognized component of the Cs is unfortunately not well publicized.  You won’t find any mention of it on the Cs website, and it is not mentioned in the conference program, though there usually are paper flyers available at the conference near where the official programs are given out.  If you are interested in giving a presentation on any topic related to the intersection of computers and composition/rhetoric, I hope that you’ll consider sending in a proposal for next year’s Computer Connection and that you’ll spread the word to others who might be interested as well.  Alternatively, if you don’t end up presenting at CC, look for the CC flyer at the conference when you register so you can come by to watch some of the presentations.

Here is the link to the Computers and Writing Clearinghouse website for more info on what the Computer Connection is all about and how you can submit a proposal.


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