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Twittering Toward Tenure? The Politics of Scholarly Communication in the Digital Age

Today in the Bowen Thompson Student Union at Bowling Green State University, Professor Kristine Blair will deliver her Distinguished Faculty Lecture on the changing nature of academic scholarship in the wake of digital technologies.  She draws on her experience as a department chair and an online journal editor (the one associated with this Blog) she will argue that traditional, print-based institutional reward structures for faculty scholarship must grow and develop to fully accept and embrace digital, web-based modes of scholarly productivity.

This is a great honor for Kris, and those of us in her department and/or who work with her at Computers and Composition Online – or in any one of the many scholarly enterprises she plays a role in – are very proud of her.  Her work positively affects a lot of people. If you’re near BGSU today around 4:00 pm, be sure to stop by and watch her presentation in room 206 of the student union.  If not, next time you see her at a conference, be sure to give her congratulations for what surely will have been a successful presentation.

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