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(Even More) Watson 2008

I had the great pleasure of sitting in on a panel presentation given by Ehren Pflugfelder and Cristyn Elder from Purdue University on Plagiarism Pedagogy. Drawing on quite a bit of recent research on the subject of plagiarism as well as their own experiences addressing this issues as teachers, Pflugfelder and Elder walked us through some of the key features of a wonderful web resource they created for helping teachers more effectively teach studetns about plagiarism. There argument was basically that policies for dealing with plagiarism should not come from top down – university down to the classroom – but that they should be developed in the classroom context with students. In other words, the teaching of plagiarism should be part of the teaching of writing, and students should be involved in determining what would constitute plagiarism in their classroom context and what the consequences would be for committing this definitition of plagiarism.

The site offer some great, downloadable lesson plans and exercises for engaging students in this porcess. According to Pflugfelder and Elder, their site may soon become part of Purdue’s famous OWL. For now, though, you can access the site here.

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