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Teaching Tool: Jing

My friend and colleague Toby Coley introduced me to a really cool new digital tool this past weekend. I’t called Jing. The free version of it allows you to easily record 5 minute long scree/audio captures. This could be particularly useful for providing writing feedback to students. The one problem is that the files it creates are pretty large – about 20 megs for a full five minute clip. However, the program has some built in features that help to overcome this problem. In addition to simply saving the file to your hard drive, you can set it up to automatically upload the file to your own server via FTP or it can upload it to its free storage and sharing service called screencast.com. Whichever option you choose, it automatically copies a link to the file’s location to your clipboard so you can easily paste it into a message for directing students, or others, to the file for viewing.

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