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#cwcon 2011 – Collaborative Authorship at CCO

This post is the first of several related to the Computers and Writing 2011 panel entitled  ”Online Journal Administration: The Editorial Mentor and a More Inclusive Future for Scholarly Publishing,” which will take place on May 20th at 11:45 am.  I’ll provide a series of examples that panelist mention in their presentations relating their work on Computers and Composition Online.  This first post features two collaboratively produced pieces in recent issues of the journal.  I worked on the above piece with author Dirk Remely from Kent State University. This great piece addresses his students’ work with SecondLIfe in a business writing class.  I helped produce the online interface for what was originally a text-based piece.

This piece was originally authored by Jeanie Parker-Beard.  Again, in it’s original form, it was essentially a text-based piece.  With the assistance of Brittany Barger Cottrill, the piece was transformed into a wonderful online article that functions well in an online environment.

These are just two examples of how collaboration has led to the publication of quality pieces of online scholarship that display of blend of technical and scholarly expertise.

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