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Summer/Fall 2009 Computers and Composition Online Available

Web 2.0Special guest editors Michael Day, Randall McClure, and Mike Palmquist present the summer/fall issue of Computers and Composition OnlineComposition in the Freeware Age: Assessing the Impact and Value of Web 2.0. The texts assembled for this issue simultaneously describe, analyze, and, perhaps most importantly, demonstrate the complex of possibilities and challenges networked writing presents to both the teaching and learning of composition.  More specifically, the texts presented in this issue address the impact that “open source, freeware, collaboration, and other new forms of distributed, iterative writing” might have for teaching  and research at the individual level as well as how these practices could potentially inform how the composition community collectively defines its disciplinary work.

As usual, I encourage anyone interested to post their responses to the issues and concerns addressed in this issue of CCO here on the blog!

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