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Roger McNamee’s Six Ways to Save the Internet

His claims are that Windows is dying (not a big surprise), Google is losing its market share and is no longer the future of Internet search, Apps > Web Pages, Facebook is the social network winner, Tablets are the device of the future, and HTML5 is going to be the new web language.


Google+ is Dead (?)

Google+ had it’s chance, according to Farhad Manjoo, but now it’s dead in the water. He explains why.

Could Google+ be revitalized once Google Music is integrated into Google+? What are your thoughts on the technical merits of Google+ in the classroom? What is the future of Google+ in your opinion?


No More Swikis: End of the Constructionist Web at Georgia Tech

This is a blog post by a professor at Georgia Tech. It appears that the university’s interpretation of FERPA is now forcing the university to prohibit any public writing by students.


Anti-Facebook Social Network Unthink Launches

“The number one thing that had to be ‘un-thought’ about social media, is who does it belong to?’ said Dedis at the recent Tampa Bay Barcamp conference inFlorida. “We need to own everything that we put on our page. We can be as private or as public as we want, as long as it’s our choice.”

The theme of the site, hammered home by the use of evocative language like “emancipation” and “destiny” and Civil Rights-era photography, is the right of the individual to control his or her own information.

Check out their “manifesto” page. Quite interesting.


A National Digital Public Library Begins to Take Shape

“The Digital Public Library of America doesn’t exist yet, but it’s closer to becoming a reality.”

“Peggy D. Rudd, director and librarian of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, reminded the audience that not everybody was well equipped to clamber aboard. ‘So many of us have been focusing on content,’ she said. ‘We must remember that there are those in our country that will need a whole variety of assistance to use this resource that we’re all committed to today.’ Good tools and access to them will be critical to making the digital public library useful to large numbers of people, she said. If the project succeeds, she suggested, ‘DPLA’ could become a verb. Ms. Rudd imagined someone walking down the sidewalk with a smartphone and deciding to look something up, saying ‘I’m going to DPLA it!’”


Sharing a cool (and free!) resource

We thought the C and C blog should share this very cool resource. It’s fairly intuitive and it’s free!


How does this compare to other ways that you give (digital) feedback? Has anyone ever used vyew.com before? Are there any other free sites/programs that you use for giving feedback, revising, or collaborative writing? Please share any feedback below.

#cwcon2011 – CCO Notable Google Analytics

This Chart features the bottom (by number of visits) U.S. States from which visitors have visited CCO since January 1, 2011.

#cwcon2011 – CCO Notable Google Analytics

This chart features the top 25 (by number of visits) U.S. States from which visitors have visited CCO since January 1, 2011.

#cwcon2011 – CCO Notable Google Analytics

This chart presents the top 15 (by number of visits) countries from which visitors have visited CCO since January 1, 2011.

#cwcon2011 – CCO Notable Google Analytics

This chart presents trends in browser usage among visitors to CCO since January 1, 2011.