2(3), May 1985, page 8

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Ellen McDaniel
Department of English
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77943-4227
(409) 845-9935 or 3452

I am compiling a software bibliography of text-analysis and computer-aided instruction programs for teaching writing to college students. It includes the following information about each program:

1. The title of the program, its price, and the organization that produces and/or publishes it.

2. The address and phone number of the organization and a person to contact if someone were interested in acquiring the program.

3. The computer, operating system, and other technical specifications for running the program.

4. The availability of the program, that is, whether it can be purchased, how to purchase it, whether the program is still under development or is being tested, when it will be available, etc.

5. General description of the program's capabilities, that is, what it can do and/or how to use it. I hope to complete the bibliography in the next few weeks and would appreciate information about any programs available or under development. I hope to publish the bibliography (somewhere) so that it

COMPUTERS and COMPOSITION 2(3), May 1985, page 9

will be available to people interested in it. Ultimately, as more of these programs appear, I plan to move the bibliography into a database for better management and easier dissemination.