7(2), April 1990, page 20

Remember to Clear
the Screen

Mary Jane Van Meter

As I was sitting in the computer lab
On a tiny chair, feeling so drab
Wondering how I'd ever get it done
Who made the statement--"It will be fun"?

Waiting for Mike to come help me load
Entering the text is down the road.
Oh, wait, first I must name my file.
Got to think of something with some style.

When from the screen, into my sight
Letter upon letter that I didn't write.
Looking at this I turned stone cold.
How could this machine be so bold?

I sat there nervously twisting my hair,
Squirming and seething a bone-chilling stare.
"Don't do this to me, I want to go home
So please, computer, just leave me alone."

Suddenly I remembered to clear the screen
Start over anew and wipe the slate clean.
There are many other things I need to know
Practice will get me where I want to go.

I've learned to move the cursor and erase
Delete some material and transpose space.
I hope someday soon to learn to revise
Store my material and be computer wise.