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Author Index

Sanders, Scott P. Article 1988 5(2) Team Planning a Computerized Technical Writing Course
Scharton, Maurice Article 1989 7(1) The Third Person: The Role of the Computer in Writing Centers
Scherer-Wiedmeyer, Birgit Article 1992 9(3) Software Review: Software for Writing Centers
Schlobin, Roger Article 1984 2(1) Public Domain Software
Schlobin, Roger Article 1984 1(4) Saving Grace: Rocovering and Preserving Files and Data
Schlobin, Roger Article 1984 1(4) WORDSTAR Tips
Schlobin, Roger C. Article 1984 1(2) General Guidelines for Purchasing a Microcomputer with a Word-Processing Program
Schrauwen, R. Article 1986 4(1) ALEXIS: signments (1)
Schriner, Delores K. Article 1988 5(3) Risk Taking, Revising, and Word Processing
Schwartz, H. J. Article 1985 2(4) The Confessions of Professor Strangelove; Or, an Apology for Literacy
Schwartz, Helen J. Article 1989 7(1) Literacy Theory in the Classroom: Computers in Literature and Writing
Selfe, C. L. Article 1987 4(2) Creating a Computer-Supported Writing Lab: Sharing Stories and Creating Vision
Selfe, C. L. Article 1985 2(4) Fighting in the Computer Revolution: A Field Report From the Walking Wounded
Selfe, Cynthia Article 1992 10(1) Forum: A Conversation about Software, Technology, and Composition Studies
Shahlke, Herbert F. W. Article 1985 2(3) Papers from the Special Interest Group CCCC 1984
Short, Doug Article 1992 10(1) Forum: A Conversation about Software, Technology, and Composition Studies
Sirc, Geoffrey Article 1990 7(SI) The Face of Collaboration in the Networked Writing Classroom
Slatin, John M. Article 1992 10(1) Software Review: HYPERCARD and the Extension of Writing
Slatin, John, et al. Article 1990 7(3) Computer Teachers Respond to Halio
Slatta, Richard W. Article 1989 6(3) Book Review: Review of Electric Language: A Philosophical Study of Word Processing
Smith, John B. Article 1993 10(2) Using the Writing Environment to Study Writer's Strategies
Smithson, Isaiah Article 1989 7(1) Computers, Compostion, Critiques, and Collaboration (Letter from the Guest Editor)
Smithson, J. Article 1986 4(1) Software Review: THE WRITING WORKSHOP
Smye, Randy Article 1988 6(1) Style and Usage Software: Mentor not Judge
Sommers, E. A Article. 1985 2(4) Microcomputers and Writing
Sommers, Elizabeth Article 1990 8(1) Book Review: Review of Critical Perspectives on Computers and Composition Instruction
Sommers, Elizabeth Ann Article 1984 1(2) A Writing Teacher Experiments with Word Processing
Stacey, David Abstract 1996 13(3) The New Distance Learning: Students, Teachers, and Texts in Cross-Cultural Electronic Communication
Star, Susan Leigh Article 1993 10(2) The Net [poem]
Steehouder, M. F. Article 1986 4(1) ALEXIS: signments (1)
Stenzel, Timothy Article 1989 6(2) Minicomputer Text-Editing in Upper-Division Cross-Disciplinary Courses
Stephens, Gary Article 1984 1(4) Computer Debating
Stine, Linda J. Article 1989 6(2) Computers and Commuters: A Computer-Intensive Program for Adults
Stracke, Richard Article 1988 5(2) The Effects of a Full-Service Computer Room on Student Writing
Strickland, J. Article 1987 4(2) Computers, Invention, and the Power to Change Student Writing
Strickland, James Article 1992 10(1) An Annotated Bibliography of Representative Software for Writers
Strickland, James Article 1989 6(2) How the Student Writer Adapts to Computers: A First-Year Student Protocol
Styne, Marlys M. Article 1987 4(3) Bank Street Writer III: Word-Processing for Almost Everyone
Sullivan, Patricia Article 1992 10(1) Computer-Aided Publishing: Focusing on Documents
Sullivan, Patricia Article 1989 6(3) Human-Computer Interaction Perspectives on Word-Processing Issues
Susser, Bernard Article 1993 10(3) Networks and Project Work: Alternative Pedagogies for Writing with Computers
Taylor, J. Article 1986 3(2) Integrating Computers into the Writing Classroom: Some Guidelines
Taylor, L. R., Jr. Article 1987 4(2) The Mobius Catch
Taylor, L. R., Jr. Article 1986 4(1) Software Views
Taylor, L. R., Jr. Article 1986 3(3) Computers and Controversy Xenophobic Word-Processing
Taylor, Lee Roger Article 1987 5(1) Software Review: Software Views: A Fistful of Word Processing Programs
Taylor, Paul Article 1992 10(1) Evaluating Software: What Thoreau Said to the Designer
Thomas, Dene Kay Article 1991 8(2) Judging and Adapting Style-Analysis Software
Thomas, G. Article 1986 3(3) Software Review: FINALWORD II: An Authoring System for a Word-Processing Program
Thomas, Gordon Article 1988 5(3) Making DOS Accessible to First-Time Users
Thomas, Gordon P. Article 1991 8(2) Judging and Adapting Style-Analysis Software
Thompson, Diane Article 1990 7(3) Electronic Bulletin Boards: A Timeless Place for Collaborative Writing Projects
Thompson, Diane Article 1988 5(3) Interactive Networking: Creating Bridges Between Speech, Writing, and Composition
Thoms, John C. Article 1985 2(3) 1007, Basic Writing and Reading
Tuman, Myron Article 1993 10(3) Campus Word Processing: Seven Design Principles for a New Academic Writing Environment
Tweddle, Sally Abstract 1994 11(3) English Under Pressure: Back to Basics?
Van der Geest, T. Article 1987 4(2) The Development of a Writing Aid for Secondary Education
van der Geest, Thea Abstract 1994 11(3) The Computer as Means of Communication for Peer-Review Groups
Van Meter, Mary Jane Article 1990 7(2) Remember to Clear the Screen [poem]
Vanden Akker, Sherri Article 1993 10(3) Writing Ourselves On-Line
Varone, Sandra D. Article 1991 8(3) Interacting with Basic Writers in the Computer Classroom
Villani, F. Article 1985 3(1) User-Friendly Software
Waanders, Janet Article 1985 2(3) Excerpts from Final Report of Research "Relationships of Admission Test Scores to Writing Performance of Native and Nonnative Speakers of English"
Waddell, C. Article 1985 2(4) Software Review: PC-WRITE: Quality Word Processing at a Price That's Hard to Beat
Waddell, C. Article 1986 4(1) "On The Other Hand . . . ."
Waddell, C. Article 1985 3(1) Word Processing in the Writing Class: Tutorials Can Help Break the Ice
Wahlstrom, B. Article 1985 3(1) What Does User-Friendly Mean Anyway?
Wahlstrom, B. J. Article 1985 2(4) Fighting in the Computer Revolution: A Field Report From the Walking Wounded
Wahlstrom, Billie Article 1984 2(1) How "Friendly" Should Effective Software Be?
Wallace, David L. 1991 9(1) Revising On-line: Computer Technologies and the Revising Process
Wallia, C. J. Article 1991 8(2) Software Review: Review of WRITER'S HELPER
Wallia, C. J. Article 1990 8(1) Software Review: Review of IDEAFISHER
Wallia, C. J. Article 1990 7(2) Software Review: Review of MICROSOFT WORD 5.0 (IBM PC)
Weber, Irene Article 1993 10(2) Using the Writing Environment to Study Writer's Strategies
Weiss, Timothy Article 1989 6(2) A Process of Composing with Computers
Weiss, Timothy Article 1988 5(2) Word Processing in the Business and Technical Writing Classroom
Wilcox, Lance Article 1984 1(3) An Authoring System for Use by Teachers of Composition
Wilson, James H. Article 1992 9(3) MINDWRITER/DESCANT: Software for Invention: Organization and Peer Review
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Woodruff, Earl Article 1990 7(3) Students' Editing Skills and Attitudes Toward Word Processing
Wresch, William Article 1993 10(2) The Imminence of Grading Essays by Computer--25 Years Later
Wresch, William Article 1983 1(1) A WRITER'S TOOL
Youngs, Earl Article 1988 5(2) A FAIR Response to Student Writing
Youra, Steven Article 1990 7(3) Computers and Student Writing: Maiming the Macintosh (A Response)
Zimmer, JoAnne Article 1985 2(3) The Continuing Challenge: Computers and Writing